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Thanks for "visiting" my salon. I have over 20 years experience as a hair colorist. I am a perfectionist and like to "take it slow" so as to keep your hair healthy and shiny. 


I love doing color corrections and transformations. Blondes are my most requested service. 

But my main job is to make sure you leave my salon with a smile on your face. That and to keep Jeff in check... :)

Come by the salon and say hello.



I am a very creative and love all forms of art (painting, drawing, music, dancing). I use this creativity along with my 25 years’ experience in hairstyling to get your haircut and/or color to exactly where you would like it.


Love all forms of hair styling, but my favorites are Balayage, Color Transformations as well as trendy cuts. I am always looking for that “Wow” factor.

Request me and...see you soon!



Originally from Orleans, I bring 36 years of expertise in hairstyling, color-correction and restorative treatments.


Personable and engaging with passion for building client relationships through flexible approach and consistent results.

I will talk your ear off. It's OK to tell me to shush!!! 

See you at Angie's!

PS Ask about my bouillabaisse...please :)


I have over 10 years experience in all manners hair-cutting techniques with all hair textures and density. This includes shaping and cleaning up beards. 


I have a passion for hair and continue education as seasons and trends change. 

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